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"This bow is an absolute work of art, it's truly as if I'm shooting a piece of history, absolutely love this bow!!"

"The bow is simply outstanding. Craftsmanship is very fine and the bow was well finished. Everything from the stitching on the handle to the mother of pearl inlay is perfect. I honestly cant pick one single flaw."

"The bow looks amazing: it is a beautifully crafted piece. It has a very smooth draw with no noticeable stacking and a nice fast, snappy cast. There is some hand shock, but that’s normal for traditional bows and I doubt I’ll notice it in a few weeks’ time. There’s been great communication from Black Arrow Longbows throughout the build process and I would not hesitate to recommend them."

"Excellent communication through the whole process. Outstanding workmanship. Shoots beautifully. Definitely worth the wait. Thank you."

"Thanks for the bow. I have been shooting 40 and 30 yds today and it works beautifully, even reaching the 50 yds marker when I overshot.  Thanks once again - lovely finish on the bow and feels great.

"The bowyer has outdone himself with the twin-laminate I purchased. The bow is light, snappy and a fast shooter. The craftsmanship is phenomenal and rings of authenticity.

If you’re looking for a longbow and you’ve been looking between bowyers, put your money here. You’ll get what you asked for and more.
Thank you for the artistry and craftsmanship, patience with my questions and overall you just seem like a swell guy - it was worth every penny."

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